Did Jesus Really Exist?

Atheists often claim that Jesus never existed in history. If that is true, then we should expect to find at least some support of the Christ Myth Theory somewhere in history. So is there support for the Christ Myth Theory in ancient history? Nope! In fact, it took about 1800 years for anyone to argue in print that Jesus never existed. There are lots of documents that talk about Jesus, from around the first and following centuries but none ever claim Jesus was a fictitious character. So the Christ myth theory gets no help from actual history. The Christ myth theory had brief popularity in the Soviet Union. One of the first Christ-myth writers, Bruno Bauer, was teacher and mentor to Karl Marx, the founder of communism. It was not supported by academic pursuits but instead by government violence. The Soviets enacted anti-religion campaigns arresting, imprisoning, and executing hundreds of thousands of religious leadership, and martyred millions of Christians. This was done to support Soviet atheism, of which the Christ Myth Theory was a tenant.  Even with decades of violence, the Soviet Union could never completely stomp out the idea that Jesus existed. In fact, Before the popularity of the Internet, the Christ Myth Theory had a nearly fizzled out. Now it is mostly promoted by bloggers and self-published authors who don’t have a relevant academic degree. That’s why Oxford, Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Cambridge and all the other universities employ and publish scholars of who teach that Jesus existed. 


  1. So many problems with the statements in the video.

    1: Even if I give you the argument that you need to argue from evidence, to even get evidence you need to be able to find it, and the only way to find that evidence is through the scientific method. Archeologists do this for a living, bear in mind. History may be a different field than science, but they are inextricably linked due to archeology in addition to the fact history books have to be based on some form of written record. Where are the records of Jesus apart from the bible?

    2: On the matter of point one's final sentence, "where are the records of jesus", I specifically asked for something other than the bible for a reason. That being trying to argue for jesus while using the bible as your entire basis is in fact a logical fallacy known as the circular reasoning fallacy.

    3: The gospels were in fact written long after when Jesus supposedly lived, and even though the main three (Mark, Matt, Luke) tend to contradict one another, they are all simultaneously contradicted by the gospel of john, which most christians dont recognize as being part of the biblical canon. Not to mention some of the worst stuff in the bible is in that book such as racism, homophobia, sexism, and so on. They were all written based on first-hand accounts (allegedly) to which I have to say is not at all impressive considering how in the heck is one supposed to see the accuracy of their claims without solid evidence to back up their claims? The video claims to want to use evidence to argue for Jesus' existance, correct?

    4: Trying to tie in communism into the mix shows the true colors of the person who wrote this video. While it is true Marx was an atheist and didnt like religion in general because of it, his ideas had nothing to do with Stalin, other than Stalin using Marx's ideas to assume total power of Russia and the surrounding nations nearby. This is an example of an ad hom fallacy, a personal attack on non-believers for exercising their critical thinking skills. I would dare say it's pretty much slander as well to tie atheists with the murderous Joseph Stalin, and the maker of this video should be taken to task for it.

    Overall a very dishonest propaganda video, one worthy of a lawsuit.


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