Why Is There Still Evil In The World?

One of the greatest difficulties cited by Secular Humanists and atheists, in general, is the problem of evil. It goes something like this. If God is all powerful, then he cannot be loving because evil still exists. If he is good, then he cannot be all-powerful because evil exists. In other words, those who project the problem of evil are basically saying, “why doesn’t God do something?” The resurrection of Jesus is the ‘something’ that God chose to do. The resurrection is the answer to the problem of evil.
He has done something and continues. Jesus said that he, “…came to seek and save the lost.” (Luke 19:10) The plan laid out by Jesus has aspects that even the greatest scholar will not understand. There is much mystery that surrounds the reasons that salvation was needed, and acquired in the way that it was. However, the evidence for the supernatural nature of Jesus is too compelling to ignore his words. The case for his resurrection is something that, when studied carefully and honestly results, in a challenging of everything known about the universe.
It is precisely because of the problem of evil that God would have need to appear to the world in the form of the incarnate Christ. It is the problem of evil that Jesus came to fix. Some decry this message because, here we are twenty centuries later, and the problem of evil still exists. 

Would you denounce an auto mechanic if he did not fix a car immediately, but instead took eight hours? Would you claim that the doctor who cannot heal instantly is no doctor at all? Would you defame the engineer who spends months drawing up plans for a skyscraper, instead of conceiving of all its parts in one instant? Certainly not! The evidence points to the fact that God appeared in human form, the man Jesus. This seems to be a clear indicator that he intends to act within spacetime. The fact that his plan to remove evil from the world was not instantaneous doesn’t mean that he is a false hope. It can as easily mean that he has decided to give mankind as much time as possible to come to him.


  1. We ask the question "why is there still evil in the world"? or for that matter "why is there disease in the world"? First you have to understand that the Lord does not work in absurdities. He gave us the freedom of free choice. This allows us to make decisions based on our wants, needs our greed our hopes and our beliefs.
    This being said, imagine that you find gold on hill. Now you know that there is a family living at the bottom of the hill, however: you make the decision to do some mining half way up the hill. Before you start you get a survey team and a geologist to inspect the soundness of the hill. The report returns that there is a possibility that the mining may cause a landslide. So you speak to the family that lives at the bottom of the hill and try to convince them to sell. They refuse sighting that their family has lived there for the last 120 yrs.

    Now you have a decision to make. You could spent the money to reinforce the hill which would cost millions over your budget or ignore the problem saying to yourself, you gave them an opportunity to sell. Now it's their problem if anything happens. You continue with the mining without reinforcing the hill. All goes well until a seasonal storm comes and causes a major landslide and kills the entire family living at the bottom of the hill.

    Would this be considered Gods fault? after all he could have changed the outcome. He knew this would happen, Yet as far as your concerned he did nothing. Is it the fault of the miner? He Knew that the landslide was a possibility. However it was his greed that trumped everything else. Was it the fault of the family? they understood the risks of living below a major mining operation. After all they could have sold.

    This is an example of a tragedy that could have been averted by God, is it not?
    God could have changed the miners heart and have the miner reinforce the hill or find another way to extract the gold.
    He could have changed the families heart into selling the property as to prevent their deaths.
    The good Lord could have made sure, there was no gold there in the first place.

    If the Lord stepped in every-time we were about to err then freedom of choice would not exist.
    We chose to ignore his way and chose to follow our way. As a parent who loses a child to drinking and driving. The child was warned not to drink and drive however chooses to do so anyways. He kills himself and kills others or injures others. Would that be considered the parents fault? After all they let him drive the car.

    A company extracts oil out of the ground for industries to make plastic or to fuel our cars, planes, boats, just to name a few. with this type of industry we find cancer all of a sudden becoming a number one killer. Is this Gods fault that cancer exist or the fault of those making the decision that the ends justify the means? Civilization must go forward so then we may sacrifice a few to do so.

    Your walking down the street with your wife, All of a sudden you're approached by a drug addict with a gun. He demand your wallet and all the belonging you and your wife have on your persons. He then hits you over the head and rapes your wife.
    Is this Gods fault or the fault of the individual who brought the drugs into the country or the dealer who sold the drugs to the addict or the addict who started taking the drugs in the first place. Or you and your wife for walking down that street.

    Evil exist because we made the choice for it to exist. We are given a road map, a recipe if you will showing us how we should live. We choose our greed our wants over all else. If anything happens to you like disease, poverty, injury, financial ruin, or losing a job. See if you can trace back decisions you or others made or a combination of the two, that put you in this position. However don't blame God for the predicament you're in.


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